Jira Service Desk's Customer Portal is generating dump and not displayed after upgrade to v.1.11.0


When accessing Service Desk 's customer portal, data is dumped on the screen and it becomes impossible to display.


This is a bug in Alfresco connector for Jira that occurs when using the following versions. It did not occur in other supported versions.
In this particular version, the order of initialization of almond.js is different, so addons can not use define function.

  • Alfresco connector for Jira v1.11.0
  • Jira v7.3
  • Jira Service Desk v3.4


Please upgrade to Alfresco connector for Jira v1.11.1.

But, If you can not upgrade for some reason, you can avoid this problem by following steps.

  1. Go to JIRA ADMINISTRATION >  Add-ons
  2. Scroll down to alfresco-for-Jira
    1. Expand alfresco-for-Jira
    2. Expand x out of x modules enabled.
    3. Disable the following modules:
      1. Alfresco Attachments ServiceDesk Web Resources
      2. ServiceDesk Alfresco Attachments
      3. Alfresco ServiceDesk Profile
      4. alfresco.rest.customercontext