How to create the table macro

From Edit Page

To create a table, open a macro and search for Excel-like Tables.

Click the Excel-like Tables macro, and a new window will appear on your screen.


3 ways to create a table

  1. By creating a new table from scratch.

  2. Upload from a file.

  3. Convert from Confluence table.

Option 1

If you choose the first option, the app will open the Excel-like Tables for Confluence app.

Option 2

If you choose the third option, you can upload a file by ‘drag and drop’ it into the upload box. The app support .xlsx or .ssjon format.



Option 3

Directly convert your existing Confluence tables to Excel-like tables, making it easier for you to perform calculations and create charts from your existing data.




Once you have done with editing works, click the save icon at the top right to save, and the exit button to go back to your Confluence page.

The saved macro will shown on your Confluence edit screen, click Publish to view the Excel-like Tables.

Now you can see your Excel-like Tables on your Confluence page.

If you want to perform a quick simple update to the table, you can also edit your tables from the view mode.

From View Page

If you want to add a table directly from the view page, you can navigate your cursor to the top right menu button, and select Excel-like Tables sub-menu


It will then prompt a dialog for the user to create a table,

Click on Create and wait for the system to add a new table to your confluence page