How to share the filter column setting among users?


Jira’s filter can have its own column setting, so you can share your settings as a Filter with other users/groups/your organization, this way everyone can see the same column setting. For this, please follow the steps below:

  1. Go to Jira Filters

  2. Click on your Filter you want to share

  3. At Columns button, go to Filter tab and pick which columns you want to display, and click Done (refresh your page if the columns haven’t been displayed yet)

  4. Re-arrange the columns as best suits to you

  5. Save your filter


  1. Go to FiltersView all filters option

  2. On your filter, click on 3 dots at right and click com Edit


  3. At Viewers dropdown menu, select which option you want to share - user, project, group or organization - and click Add, then finally click Save


  4. Now the users at the option selected will be able to see the Filter, open the Excel-like Spreadsheet, and choose the Filter column option to see the same columns that you saved.

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