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By using Listener of ScriptRunner, you can add custom processing to the event of Alfresco link (Linking and Unlinking) as a trigger.

  1. Go to Settings > Manage Apps > Listeners > Create Listener.

  2. Click Custom Listener.

  3. Complete the following fields:

    • Project(s) - Select the project or projects for which you want to create the listener.

    • Events - Select one or more of the available Alfresco events (jp.ricksoft.plugins.alfresco.event.DOCUMENT_LINK, jp.ricksoft.plugins.alfresco.event.DOCUMENT_UNLINK).

    • Inline Script - Add your script to the text box. You can copy/paste pre-made scripts from the following.


By using Listener of ScriptRunner, when you clone a Jira issue, you can also clone the Alfresco link (Linking and Unlinking) linked to the Jira issue.


Before using the Relationships, You can migrate the existing Alfresco links (Linking and Unlinking) to Jira tickets. The Relationships must be enabled (Install Guide for Alfresco Association plugin) before running this migration script.