Supported Platforms

This page describes the additional software and infrastructure you'll need to run our app. Please review this info before installing our app. The information on this page applies to Alfresco connector for Jira 1.15.


Supported platform(s)Supported version(s)Notes
JIRA Server(ティック) 8.5 - 8.22
JIRA Data Center(ティック) 8.5 - 8.22
JIRA Cloud(エラー) Not supported currently


Supported platform(s)Supported version(s)Notes
Alfresco Content Services(ティック) 5.2 - 7.2
Alfresco Community(エラー) Not supported currently
Alfresco Cloud(エラー) Not supported currently

Browsers – desktop

Supported platform(s)Supported version(s)Notes
Microsoft Internet Explorer (Windows)

(エラー) Not supported currently

Microsoft Edge(ティック) Support the latest stable version
Mozilla Firefox(ティック) Support the latest stable version

Google Chrome(ティック) Support the latest stable version

Safari (Mac) (ティック) Support the latest stable version

Browsers – mobile

Not supported currently