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Tutorial: Getting started as a project member

In this tutorial, we show assignees how to use WBS Gantt-Chart to:

  • Verify assigned issues
  • Find issues with tasks to be done
  • Input task results

Verifying assigned issues

First, verify your assigned issues. There are two ways to do this.

Verify from Gantt

Look at the Gantt notified to you by the project manager. Open the WBS, and look for the issues which have been assigned to you.

After you’ve opened the Gantt once, you’ll be able to open it again in future by doing this:

  1. WBS Gantt-Chart ⇒ Select Gantt name

Verify from unresolved issues

You can also display issues that have been assigned to you but not yet completed. If you do this, only the issues which are specifically assigned to you will be displayed in WBS Gantt-Chart.

  1. WBS Gantt-Chart ⇒ Select Your assigned issues (unresolved)

Finding issues with tasks to be done

If you know that you have issues assigned to you, you can see on the WBS which issues you should work on next.

Finding issues from warning icons

Check whether issues assigned to you have started or completed according to plan. Look at the warning icons on the far left-hand side of the WBS.

 indicates that tasks due to be carried out have not been started yet.

 means that tasks due for completion have not yet been completed.

Please deal with these tasks in order of priority.

Finding issues from progress rate (percent done)

You can find which tasks related to your assigned issues are currently behind plan by looking at the progress bar displayed on the Gantt bar.

If the bar is to the left of the current date line (), the task is behind plan.

Please deal with these tasks in order of priority.

Entering progress rate (percent done)

Where the task has progressed as a result of work done, you should input the data accordingly.

Entering progress rate

The data you need to input changes depending on the progress settings. Speak to the project manager for more details.

Managing progress rate in custom fields

If you are managing the progress rate in a custom field, enter the progress rate directly in the progress rate column of WBS Gantt-Chart.

Automatic calculation from time tracking

If you are using the automatic calculation from time tracking function, you cannot enter data directly from WBS Gantt-Chart. Follow these steps to enter time spent and the estimate of time remaining:

  1. Click on the issue name
  2. Edit items related to time tracking

More information

For more details, take a look at the Jira documentation on editing issues.

Automatic calculation from specified field

To calculate automatically from a specified field, enter the values in the specified field.

Updating issue status

If you start or complete a new issue, update the status of the issue.

This will resolve the warning icons  and .

  1. Click on the issue name
  2. Edit all the status-related items

More information

For more details, take a look at the Jira documentation on editing issues.

To update warning icons, just reload WBS Gantt-Chart.

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