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Information on the Gantt chart display

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Displaying the planned Gantt bar of the currently selected row

Select a row and do one of the following with the row on WBS side being displayed in yellow:

  • Click Jump to Gantt Bar on the operations toolbar
  • Click Jump to Gantt Bar in the context menu
  • Press keyboard shortcut b

If the start date in the target row is already entered, the Gantt chart jumps to the position of the start date. If only finish date is entered, the Gantt chart jumps to the finish date.

Displaying today's date

Click Today on the operations toolbar.

Time display units and time periods (display period)

Click on << or >> on the toolbar. The time period moved forward or backward depends on the time unit displayed . 

Time display unitDisplay period
Day7 days
Week5 weeks
Month3 months
Quarter4 quarters
Year5 years

Changing a display unit

  1. Click the current Unit on the operations bar.
  2. Select one of the Units in the menu. 
Time display unitDisplay period
Day70 days
Week30 weeks
Month12 months
Quarter20 quarters
Year25 years
Bird's-eye view 

The Gantt chart spans all Gantt bars

Two ways of displaying units for weeks

Weeks can be displayed in two ways: either by the start date of the week or the number of the week.

Display of fiscal year

Quarters are displayed based on the starting month of the fiscal year that is set. For example, if the start month of the fiscal year is March, the first quarter (Q1) is March to May.


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