WBS Gantt-Chart for Jira 9.7 release notes

23 July 2018

The Ricksoft team is proud to announce the release of Version 9.7 of WBS Gantt-Chart for Jira.

We have made plan management easier by adding a new function enabling you to display due dates in WBS and on a Gantt chart.

New function

Issue “Due date” shown in WBS column and displayed as a Gantt chart icon

We have added a function showing a due date icon in the Gantt chart when a value is input in the Jira issue Due date field.

We have also added a Due date column to the WBS screen as a standard so you can check deadlines this way as well. You can change issue due dates in WBS Gantt-Chart by dragging and dropping the deadline icon or by editing the value in the deadline column.

Date and Date/time cell formats can be modified by users for international use

The start date and end date shown in WBS, along with the format of the date and date/time fields, can be changed as users require.

Previously, dates were always shown in a pre-set format (e.g. 2018/12/31). From Version 9.7 onwards, you can use the date format in Date picker or Date Time picker, or you can choose from the pre-existing formats set in WBS Gantt-Chart for Jira.

Ranges for quarterly periods (Q1 to Q4) can be set in line with a fiscal year

We have added a function so that when quarterly periods (Q1 to Q4) are shown in a Gantt chart, these can be set to start from any month you choose (according to the start month of your organization’s fiscal year).

For example, if the start month of the fiscal year is set to April, Q1 is the quarter from April to June, Q2 is the quarter from July to September, and so on.

Q1 to Q4 are displayed as Gantt chart headers with year shown above denoting the fiscal year in question. You can set the desired start month of the fiscal year from the View setting.

Selecting numbered weeks as units in WBS Gantt-chart

We have added a function to enable you to select Week number as a display unit in a Gantt chart. If Week number units are used, the week numbers in the year are displayed as headers.


Made it possible to disable legacy function (deprecated features) to simplify app functions and settings

In order to improve usability and to be consistent with the functions used in “Gantt” which was originally rolled out for Version 9.0 of WBS Gantt-Chart for Jira, the display of projects/filters in WBS Gantt-Chart using the settings configured by a Jira administrator is now designated as a deprecated feature and can be disabled.

When this function is disabled the following functions are no longer accessible:

  • Directly display Jira project in WBS Gantt-Chart
  • Directly display Jira filter in WBS Gantt-Chart

In addition, settings related to this function, along with the following functions that use these settings, cannot be used:

  • Schedule job
  • "View this issue in WBS Gantt-Chart" on the issue details screen
  • Create child issue menu on the issue details screen
  • Legacy Excel export

Because of this change, we have changed the configuration of the Jira administrator setting screen.

Edit in the user preferences is divided into "hierarchy relationship" and "dependency relationship" 

Edit items are divided into "hierarchy relationship" and "dependency relationship" to make the menu easier to understand.

Simplifying the display operations of issue detail view

We have simplified how you display the issue details view and made this easier to operate.

From now on, you can only display the issue detail view by doing the following:

  • Click on the issue name link on the WBS screen
  • Press "t" on the keyboard

The following operations are no longer accessible:

  • Switch between the issue detail view and Gantt chart from the display menu
  • Display a Gantt chart using the floating button on the lower right of the screen

To close the issue detail view, you can press the "x" button displayed in the upper right of the issue detail view or "t" on the keyboard.

Bug fixes

When a user who does not have authority to change a security level creates an issue, the issue is always created without a security level

Previously if a user who did not have authority to change security levels created an issue from the WBS Gantt-Chart “Create” screen, a security level was not always set for this issue. This bug is now fixed.

Firefox is not compatible with some environments

Previously, when Firefox was used with a touch screen or in an environment incorrectly recognized as a touch screen, you could not use a mouse with the WBS Gantt-Chart screen. This bug is now fixed.

Incorrect content displayed when hovering a tooltip over the resources view

Previously incorrect content was displayed in resources view tooltips when consecutive resource bars with the same total workload were displayed. This bug is now fixed.


Support for Jira 7.11.x

Jira 7.11.x is now supported.

Ending support for Jira 7.1.x

Jira 7.1.x is EOL and is no longer supported.