WBS Gantt-Chart for Jira 9.12.0 release notes


The Ricksoft team is proud to announce the release of Version 9.12.0 of WBS Gantt-Chart for Jira.

Added the feature to change the order of columns & improved WBS sorting

New Feature

The order of the columns can be changed freely

Users can now change the order of the columns as they wish.

The order of the columns is stored per user with the following contents

GanttsSave each of them as a unique column order per gantt.
Projects/FiltersSave it as a common column order for the projects/filters.


Improved sort function for WBS rows with drag and drop

We have improved sorting functionality to make it easier for users to rearrange rows in WBS using mouse drag and drop. In 9.12.0, users can intuitively create hierarchy relationships simply by dragging and dropping issues which have no existing hierarchical structure.


Specifications adjusted so issues with a 0% "units" are no longer displayed in the resources view tooltip

We have updated the content displayed in the tooltip when hovering over the resources view bar.

In previous versions, issues with a 0% "units" were displayed, but from 9.12.0 onwards, issues with a 0% "units" no longer appear.